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20 years of experience in marketing communication and event planning lead us to create a new brand for a wide range of communication services: Beinfive. 
Beinfive is a group of very different, somewhat extraordinary, but apparently normal people. 
Our specialty is enjoying what we do.
Our work is a carefully planned improvisation, and our experience allows us to be ready at all times.
Let us show you a part of it.

Every project is different, this is why we love our job at Beinfive. 
We turn into something more than just a supplier, we turn into your partner.
We will find a way to surprise you, exceed expectations, cause an impact and give you something to remember us by.

We have done several events in Barcelona on different occasions. It is our city, a city we know and love.
One of these events held a special challenge as it had one handicap: timing. In a very short time we produced every feature of the symposium. It was a large scale operation with almost 400 participants, taking place at exclusive locations of the city, specific animations and music pieces produced for the sessions and a very balanced and elegant entertainment program.
This product launch was held within the frame of a large veterinary congress with over 1000 participants. It was a very special job as not once the name of the product was mentioned, we only used a symbol to represent it. The challenge consisted in creating a superior force of attraction for all the participants of the congress to come to this particular launch and not any other. It was not just about creating expectation, but providing an experience they could not miss out on. As a result almost 700 participants of the congress assisted to this launch.
The message used for this event was building bridges. It was a complex job with two main purposes: to help employees undergo absorption of a smaller company by a larger one, and to reinforce relationship between the employees and their customers. It was a three-day meeting with approximately 250 participants.
This job was a scientific symposium with about 150 participants, with a solid program for the plenary sessions and a matching entertainment component. For this event large production of audiovisuals was created, which took place together with a performance and required a complex mise-en-scène.
One of the team bulding activities offered was to discover the island in a convertible.
This was a very peculiar product launch, which we started by recreating the atmosphere of our clients’ workplace in the meeting room. It was set up as a farm, which gave a special meaning to the opening of the meeting and enabled discussion. The closure was held at a beautiful historic building, and a mapping show was produced and projected on its facade.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals at your service. Our skills vary as much as our backgrounds, and we are happy to meet you.

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Catalunya Tourism Registry inscription number GC-004577. "Being part of it" for Beinfive is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.